MAP Technology

OTIS stands for “Orthopedic Technology InSide” and focuses on sport-specific injury risks. It incorporates research insights into high-end products engineered to account for all anatomical, bio-mechanical and impact-relevant aspects. A significant number of prototypes were run through a variety of lab and on-snow tests to enhance functionality and protection. OTIS delivers an optimal tailored fit, unrestricted freedom of movement and increased protection for products and readily adapts to the individual dimensions of the athlete. OTIS serves as a seal of quality that distinguishes all high-end MARKER PSE models.
Ultra Lightweight
Protects against multi impacts
ultra thin
Thinner than comparable protectors with the same absorption
MARKER MAP PROTECTION is an innovative, closed-cell foam delivering multi-impact absorption. It was developed in cooperation with the University of Bologna, which provided scientific consulting for the entire process. The specific weight of MAP is extremely low compared with previous protective materials. Under normal conditions, MAP (Multi-impact Adaptive Polymer) is pleasantly soft and flexible, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort. Upon impact, MAP begins to stiffen even while the strike is still happening, helping to absorb energy. Thanks to its multi-impact properties, the foam resumes its original form instantaneously, ensuring increased protection even against multiple rapid strikes. Extensive scientific studies and testing have shown that MAP offers unique, outstanding impact absorption. This strong performance allows MAP pads and protectors to be used at thicknesses up to 28% less than required with other products. It goes without saying that MAP performs at a high level in all temperature ranges.