Elena Koenz
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Elena Koenz

My name is Elena and I’m a swiss snowboarder. After I was born in Chur in 1987 we moved to Vnà a small town in the swiss mountains where I grew up with my two brothers and my sister. In 2011 I completed my diploma at the F+F school for art and mediadesign in Zürich where I studied four years. Since 2012 I’m part of the swiss snowboardteam and I travel to competitions all around the world.



Random Facts

Slopestyle and Big Air
Top results: 
1st place World Championships (big air) Kreischberg 2015
1st place Nine Queens (big air) Livigno 2014
9th place Olympic Games (slopestyle) Sochi 2014
3rd place Burton European Open (slopestyle)TTR 6* | Laax 2014
3rd place Grand Prix (slopestyle) TTR 5* Dec. | Copper 2013
Skateboarding, painting/drawing, travelling, playing the guitar and surfing
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Inner Interview




Height: 1m 66 cm

Favorite snowboarder: Eero Ettala

Ideal day in the mountains: Pow, bluebird and friends.

Your biggest breakthrough in your snowboarding career.

1st place World Championships (big air) Kreischberg 2015

Favorite place to ride: Laax is definitely the resort where you want to be in Winter and its near where I live in Switzerland.

Best snow trip: A Trip to Lappland in 2012, always nice to remember!

What age did you start to snowboard: I started snowboarding when I was 12 years old.

Home mountain: I grew up skking and snowboarding in Scuol the resort near my hometown.

What cant you live without: I could not live without family, friends and nature.

Favorite phone app: I really like Instagram to share photos and videos and to see what other riders and friends are doing. Follow me @elenakoenz!

Goals and plans:

My next big plan is to participate at the Olympic Games 2018. I want to progress and to be greatfull for every day I can snowboard.

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